Dr.M.Vani, Secretary & Correspondent, CTE AMS

I take an exhilarating pride to share my thoughts in words for this issue “Ujwala” our College magazine as an appreciation of the commendable efforts put forth by the team of teachers and students. The release of this spectacular issue by Dr. B. Janardhan Reddy I.A.S, Principal Secretary, Education Dept. T.S gives an immense honour and pleasure to our College.

Over the years the institution has achieved continuing success in serving the course and purpose of female education. The College imports a blend of traditional and modern education to the students so that they occupy a better place in this competitive challenging world. I also feel proud of its Alumni who are holding responsible positions in different spheres of their life.

Empowerment of girl students for their all-round development through education is and will be a cherished motto of College of Teacher Education Andhra Mahila Sabha as desired by Dr. Smt. Durgabai Deshmukh the founder.

I express my sincere thanks & gratitude to the sponsors for their valuable financial assistance in bringing out this issue.

I wish all the students of different courses to experience victory in all their future endeavours.

As Secretary & Correspondent of this esteemed Institution let’s make it a place of learning and practice through our Diligence, Devotion and Dedication!!!!